Where is the youngest crust on earth most likely located

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Here is the youngest crust on Earth most likely located?

A. At divergent boundaries in the middle of the ocean
B. At transform boundaries where two plates slide past each other
C. At convergent boundaries where two continents meet
D. At convergent boundaries where oceans and continents meet



Option (A)


In a divergent plate motion, two plates move in the opposite direction. Due to this plate motion, the magma rises up and comes out to the ocean floor, forming a long ridge which is commonly known as the mid-oceanic ridge. As soon as this magma comes out to the surface, it solidifies and forms igneous (basaltic) rocks.

These rocks are of geologically the youngest because they are directly forming from the cooling and solidification of magma. The rocks that are present at or near the mid-oceanic ridge are younger than the rocks that are away from the mid-oceanic ridge.

Thus, the youngest rocks are formed along the mid-oceanic ridge at a divergent plate boundary which is at the middle of the ocean.

Thus, the correct answer is option (A).

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