Predict whether the compounds are soluble or insoluble in water.

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Predict whether the compounds are soluble or insoluble in water



The polar compounds are soluble in water while non polar are insoluble in water.


Solvent is the that part of solution which is present in large proportion and have ability to dissolve the solute. In simplest form it is something in which other substance get dissolve. The most widely used solvent is water, other examples are toluene, acetone, ethanol, chloroform etc.

Water is called universal solvent because of high polarity all polar substance are dissolve in it. Hydrogen is less electronegative while oxygen is more electronegative and because of difference in electronegativity hydrogen carry the partial positive charge while oxygen carry partial negative charge.

Water create electrostatic interaction with other polar molecules. The negative end of water attract the positive end of polar molecules and positive end of water attract negative end of polar substance and in this way polar substance get dissolve in it.


when we stir the sodium chloride into water the cation Na⁺ ions are surrounded by the negative end of water i.e oxygen and anion Cl⁻ is surrounded by the positive end of water i.e hydrogen and in this way all salt is get dissolved.

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