What determines if a speed is safe for your boat

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Which of these is a factor that determines if a speed is safe for your boat?



This question does not indicate the options to choose from, so I'll just outline the factors that determine if the nautical speed is safe for your boat.

When travelling with your boat, or just cruising around on your boat, It is necessary to consider the following factors before deciding if the speed you're travelling with is safe. These factors are:

1. The weather and marine conditions: One should calculate for the wind speed and direction, the water current, and the general condition of the water body.

2. The traffic density on the water at that instance: You should be mindful of other vessels on the water body before choosing your safe speed. The area available, and the proximity of these vessels to your boat should be considered

3. Visibility: The degree of visibility is a very important factor when determining what speed is safe for you. The speed should be chosen such that there is enough room and time to easily maneuver in order to prevent collision with an obstacle. Visibility can be impaired by fog, mist and cloudiness.

4. The responsiveness of your vessels: The ease with which your vessel responds to sudden change in direction should be considered. You shouldn't travel at a high speed if your boat is slow to respond to being maneuvered.

5. Other navigational hazards: Other navigational facilities and their proximity like buoys should be accounted for when choosing your vehicle speed.

Other factors includes:

draft of the vessel, limitations of radar equipment, and the wake your vehicle will leave at this speed.

From these listed factors, I think you should be able to pick out your answer.

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