Which situation from initiation is an example of internal conflict

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A situation from “Initiation” that is an example of internal conflict.

a. Millicent struggles with her motivation for joining the sorority.
b. Millicent struggles with her tasks during her sorority initiation week.
c. Millicent struggles with the big sister the sorority assigns her.
d. Millicent struggles with peer pressure from the sorority.


The correct answer is: A) Millicent struggles with her motivation for joining the sorority.

This sentence is the only one that really shows an internal debate on what to do. In an internal conflict, the character struggles in her own mind, a choice has to be made and it will probably affect her. Here the conflict comes out from Millicient herself. In the other sentences the problems are external, the tasks are difficult and she must lead wiht them, this may cause the internal conflict but it is not the internal conflict itself.  The same thing happens with the other answers.

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