The british east india company had taken over india by

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The British East India Company had taken over India by the 1550s. the 1650s the 1750s. the 1850s.


The British East India Company had taken over India by 1750s.

Further Explanations:

The East India Company established its trade association in India after defeating the Portuguese and managing to get a grant of concession on trade form Mughals. The main intention of the company was to abuse the economy and establish their society in India. The company’s establishment was put to effect by enforcing a Royal charter on 31st December 1600. More stress was on the Spice Trade of East India.

The Company was syndicate of Governor of Britain and entrepreneur of traders of London Trading involved in East Indies. It used all its bases to establish monopoly in India.It allied with Marathas and other rivals of Mughal, to weaken them and even bribed the generals of the Empire to ruin their administration.The company continued its monopoly in India until 1857. Revolt of 1857 changed the overall supremacy of the company. “Government of India act’ 1858, transferred the authority from the company to British crown with institution of a new British Government headed by Throne.

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