Determine the volume of the monolayer from the above information.

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Next we need to determine the mass of oleic acid in the monolayer. The concentration of the oleic acid/benzene solution is 0.02g/L. Calculate how many grams of oleic acid is in one drop.


Based on the volume and density of one drop of the solution, the mass of the oleic acid is 0.000001 g.

What is the mass of Oleic acid in one drop of the solution?

The mass, volume and density of a solution are related by the formula given below:

  • mass = density × volume

density = 0.02 g/L

Volume of 1 drop = 0.05 mL

Converting volume in mL to L

volume = 0.05 × 1 L/1000 mL

volume = 0.00005 L


mass = 0.00005 L × 0.02 g/L

mass = 0.000001 g

Therefore, the mass of the oleic acid is 0.000001 g.

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