How do students with a growth mindset see their mistakes

Posted By Admin @ September 03, 2022


How do students with a growth mindset see their mistakes?

a. As opportunities to learn and improve their brain
b. As something that shouldn't happen in proper learning
c. As reasons to give up and avoid further challenges


Students with a growth mindset see their mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve their brain. Due to, in failure they find the opportunity to do it again and in a better way than before. When people try something again have the opportunity to learn more things and perfect their methods.

Generally, when students make a mistake it create a negative feeling on them. Most of times, it makes them to reject what they were learning; which produces a setback in learning. On the other hand, when a students have a growth mindset it means that they have a positive point of view of learning, and they will try it again and again untill they can finally reach their objetives. For them, mistakes are opportunities. It is really important to encourange children too have a growth mindset.

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