Why did france help the american in the revolutionary war

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Why did France help the Americans in the Revolutionary War?

A. France wanted the American colonies to become French colonies.
B. It was a way to gain an advantage over Great Britain.
C. France needed the food crops that American farmers grew.
D. Many French people wanted to settle in America.



The correct answer is B. France helped the Americans in the Revolutionary War because it was a way to gain an advantage over Great Britain.


Taking advantage of the American Revolutionary War, France wanted to retaliate against the British after the defeats suffered in the Seven Years' War. Therefore, the French hurried to provide support to American rebels with weapons and funding since the first months of the conflict, and after the important victory obtained by the Americans in the battle of Saratoga on October 7, 1777, France decided to take more active action and on February 6, 1778 signed a treaty of alliance with the Thirteen colonies to then declare war on Britain a month later.

At the end of the war France obtained some small territorial gains and other economic concessions, advantages which however did not compensate for the heavy financial expenses incurred for the war.

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