The complexity and variety of organic molecules is due to

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The complexity and variety of organic molecules is due to ________.

A) the chemical versatility of carbon atoms
B) the variety of rare elements in organic molecules
C) the diverse bonding patterns of nitrogen
D) their interaction with water


The complexity and variety of organic molecules is due to the chemical versatility of carbon atoms.

Except inorganic compounds, all substances that are part of living things are made up of carbon combined with other elements, especially oxygen and hydrogen.

Carbon gives a multitude of different compounds because its atoms have the ability to bond with each other as well as with many other elements.

The four carbon bonds give organic molecules a lot of versatility, because in this way they can join four different atoms.

Hence the enormous variety of organic molecules that make up life, much greater than that of inorganic molecules, due to that property that carbon has.

In the molecules of living organisms, the most frequent bonds are those of carbon with hydrogen, but it can also bind to oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur or phosphorus.

Therefore, we can conclude that the great versatility of carbon to form an infinity of molecular forms, especially considering that both the different types of structures can and resulting in a potentially variety of organic molecules.

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