Employees cannot be held legally responsible for an environmental violation.

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5. Employees cannot be held legally responsible for an environmental violation.

A True B) False​


True, employees cannot be held legally responsible for an environmental violation.

Environmental violation means something done that violates environmental law. Example are wrong disposal of waste, improper channeling of drainage etc

Under law, vicarious liability is a legal doctrine that assigns legal liability for an injury or damage to a person who did not cause the injury or damage, but has a legal relationship with the person that cause the injury or damage.

Vicarious liability recognizes the relationship between

- Husband for the Wife/Children

- Employer for the employee

- Master for the servant

If an employee violates the environmental law while discharging duties for the employer, the employer will be held responsible for damage or injury resulting therein.

In conclusion, an employees cannot be held legally responsible for an environmental violation.

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