What is the correct keyboard shortcut to a cell value

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What is the correct keyboard shortcut to cut a cell value





Do it on your computer

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The molecular formula mass of this compound is 90.0 amu

You need the mass composition of the compound.This composition works fine for the formula mass 150 amu.C: 40.0%H: 6.7%O: 53.3%From that, you can solve the …

Identify the functional group found each of the following molecules.

The functional group found in those molecules are a Carboxyl Group

Sound travels faster in air if the air temperature is

The speed of sound depends on air temp. b/c sound travels through molecules. So that would lead to sound traveling slower in the colder air …

A student adds solid kcl to water in a flask

Answer:Option (A) saturated and is at equilibrium with the solid KClExplanation:A saturated solution is a solution which can not dissolve more solute in the solution. …

What is the percent of increase from 5 to 8

8cups- 5cups= 3cups - change5- 100%3-pcross multiply5p=3x1005p=300 divide both sides by 5p=60Answer: an increase of 60%

This is the material in which a mechanical wave travels.

Medium is the material in which a mechanical wave travels.

Oxygen is the most abundant element by volume in earth's

We have that it can be said that Oxygen is earth's most abundant element by volume in earth's Atmosphere From the question we are told …

Draw all the structural isomers for the molecular formula c4h9br

There are four structural isomers with the molecular formula C₄H₉Br.You start by writhing the linear carbon chain and the you start moving the bromide atom …

International economic organizations try to help the global economy by

International economic organizations try to help the global economy by providing capital to developing nations at little or no cost in order to help them …

Which class of fire extinguisher should be onboard a vessel

Answer: Class B-I or B-II are required. At least one Class B-1 fire extinguisher is required on any powerboat with a permanently installed fuel tank.Explanation: …

Which of the following do anthropologists believe to be true

Letter A is the correct answer.Anthropologist believe that few, if any, isolated groups have existed in human history. Recently, in Brazil, an isolated indigenous tribe …

At the end of meiosis how many cells are there

Answer:Cytokinesis follows, dividing the cytoplasm of the two cells. At the conclusion of meiosis, there are four haploid daughter cells that go on to develop …

Indian scholars during the golden age advanced science by developing

Indian scholars during the Golden Age advanced science by developing the the heliocentric theory of the Universe.The Golden Age of India was between the 4th …

Which of these are examples of an access control system

The examples of an access control system include the following:C. OAuthD. TACACS+E. RADIUSAn access control system can be defined as a security technique that is …

What is known about a reaction with a positive enthalpy

Answer: CExplanation:In endothermic reactions, enthalpy is positive, and in exothermic reactions, enthalpy is negative, So, if enthalpy is positive, then it is an endothermic reaction, …