How were african americans socially limited from 1865 to 1900

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Explain how freedoms for African americans were socially politically and economically limited from 1865 to 1900?

write a paragraph for each one- socially limitations political limitation economic limitation


The 13th Amendment 1865 did not end all the miseries of the African Americans. Their freedom was limited-politically, socially and economically.

Social limitations : They were forbidden to serve in juries, testify against whites and serve in state militias.

Economic limitations : They mostly worked as tenets and under Black Codes they were forced to sign an annual labor contract with white land owners and and upon refusal they were arrested.

Political limitation : The African American even after 1865 did not enjoy a full citizenship rights. An African American could be charged of anything and thrown in prison for vagrancy and then never be heard of again.

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