During the citric acid cycle what happens to acetyl coa

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During the citric acid cycle, what happens to acetyl-CoA? It enters the citric acid cycle and gains carbon dioxide to form citric acid, and gains more carbon dioxide through redox reactions to form a 4-carbon molecule. It enters the citric acid cycle and associates with a 4-carbon molecule, forming citric acid, and then through redox reactions regenerates the 4-carbon molecule. It enters glycolysis and associates with a 5-carbon molecule through redox reactions, forming another acetyl-CoA molecule. It enters the citric acid cycle and associates with a 4-carbon molecule, forming a 5-carbon compound, and then through oxidation reactions regenerates the 4-carbon molecule.


The correct answer is: It enters the citric acid cycle and associates with a 4-carbon molecule (OXALOACETATE), forming citric acid, and then through redox reactions regenerates the 4-carbon molecule.

The citric acid cycle is a cyclic process (part of the cellular respiration) where acetyl CoA is modified in the mitochondria to produce high-energy intermediate molecules for the oxidative phosphorilation (production of ATP).

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