After 1990 nearly 900 000 immigrants went to israel from

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After 1990, nearly 900,000 immigrants went to Israel from??



The answer is Russia

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An automatic seat belt and an airbag are examples of:

An automatic seat belt and an airbag are examples of passive restraints. A Passive Restraint Control Module generally is usually an electronic component that activates …

What is the average alcohol content of beer by volume

Didn't i already answer this, it's c.

With respect to a warm front where does precipitation occur

Precipitation in a cold front typically occurs around the outer edges of the cooler air mass. This is where the cool air meets the previously …

Why do we see different phases of the lunar cycle

We see the different phases of the lunar cycle as the moon revolves around Earth, and the different amounts of the sunlit side face Earth. …

Density-dependent inhibition is explained by which of the following processes

Ans. Regulation of cell division includes various controlling processes that inhibit uncontrolled cell division, to prevent development of tumors. Density-dependent inhibition involves reduction in cell …

Who has to pay the largest criminal fine in history

Answer:Pfizer received the largest criminal fine in history.Explanation:Pfizer also paid $1 billion to resolve allegations under the civil False Claims Act that the company illegally …

How many volunteer opportunities does aarp create the good movement

Answer:50+It really just depends Explanation:Hope this helps :)pls make brainliest :]And have an amazing day <3

The real-balances interest-rate and foreign purchases effects all help explain

Answer:(A) Aggregate demand curve is downward-sloping.

Field hockey is one of the most popular female sports.

Field Hockey is most popular female sports - TrueField hockey is a well-known sport in most nations as simply hockey. It is a team sport …

Who was the spanish conqueror that overthrew the inca empire

The answer is A. Francisco Pizarro executes the emperor of the Incas, Atahuallpa, which marked the end of the empire.

A company reports the following beginning inventory and two purchases

Answer:Company AThe cost assigned to Ending Inventory under periodic inventory system and based on the weighted average method is:= $465Explanation:a) Data and Calculations: Units Unit …