How did the industrial revolution change working conditions for people

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How did the Industrial Revolution change working conditions for people?

A. Machines made it necessary to hire more workers.
B. Workers began to earn more money.
C. There was very little need for skilled labor.
D. Owners were able to train more workers.


Industrial revolution began first in the Europe and was later widespread throughout the world. It was the beginning of neopolitan era.

Workers were in need of more work and hence owners were able to train more workers by paying very reduced rate of wages.

  • Industrial revolution took place in the year 1882 and during this era people were keener on earning a livelihood.

  • Owing to this the labour prices got reduced as there was a flooded supply of labour and hence the industries could hire less trained workers at a reduced rate of wages.

  • Labor was also not sad as they needed money and wanted to improve their standard of living.

Hence, during the industrial revolution took place labor supply was flooded the factory owners were able to train more workers due to introduction of machines which improved the speed of work.

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