Which is an example of an expressed power congress holds

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Which is an example of an expressed power Congress holds? 1. creating a national banking system 2. taking away the right of habeas corpus3. declaring war and maintaining a military 4. building and maintaining roads


The correct answer is option 3. Declaring war and maintaining a military is an example of an expressed power Congress holds.

What is an example of an expressed power Congress holds?

  • Expressed power of Congress refers to the powers of the national government that are explicitly stated in the constitution.
  • Among these powers the power to levy taxes for the general welfare of the people is included.
  • Within the purview of expressed powers of the Congress, the power to raise an army is also listed.
  • Declaring war and maintaining a military are included in the expressed power that Congress holds.


To summarise, declaring war and maintaining a military is an example of an expressed power Congress holds.

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