Drag the terms to their correct locations in this diagram.

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Drag each label to the correct location on the diagram. Each label can be used more than once, but not all labels will be used. The diagram shows some of the steps in the flow of energy through an ecosystem. The arrows represent the transfer of energy. Label each arrow with the type of energy being transferred.


  • See attached image for the diagram of being referred to


In the diagram showing a typical food chain in an ecosystem, the arrow that connects the sun to plants represents the flow of radiant energy. The sunlight produces radiant energy, of which producers, such as plants, converts into chemical energy through photosynthesis.

The next arrow linking the plants to the rodent shows the flow of chemical energy in plants to primary consumers, such as rodents, who feed on them.

Also, rodents, when preyed upon by secondary consumers, such as wolfs and owls, pass on the same chemical energy to them. So the arrows connecting the rodent to owl, and to the wolf both show the transfer of chemical energy from the rodent to the owl and wolf.

The next arrow shows the transfer of thermal energy from the wolf to the environment, as the wolf release heat from the body resulting from daily functions it performs, and also, thermal energy is released to the surroundings as heat during the decomposition of the body of an animal.

The arrow linking the wolf to the decomposer which break down the body and waste of the wolf represents transfer of chemical energy to the decomposer, as they break chemical bonds to obtain the energy they need to survive and grow.

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