Which of these company figureheads is not a real person

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Which of these company figureheads is not a real person? chef boyardee juan valdez colonel sanders duncan hines.



The correct answer is Juan Valdez

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In photosynthesis what are two major reactions that take place

Photosynthesis is the process of creating food in the presence of sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. The process is carried by plants and certain bacteria. …

Ally's father was sent to prison when she was 12

The theory that best describes the experience of ally is known as the differential association theory.What is the differential association theory?The differential association theory refers …

Describe four types of packaging that prevent tampering with medicine.

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8 9 54x 36 2 3 4 40 16x 90x

8/9(54x-36)+2 = -3/49(-40+16x)+90x First you need to use the distributive property 48x-32+2=30-12x+90 then add or subtract like terms48x-30=30+78x then subtract 48x -30=30 +30x then -30-60=30x …

A rifle is aimed horizontally at a target 50m away

The time of motion of the bullet is 0.064s.The horizontal speed of the bullet is 781.25 m/s.Time of motion of the bulletThe time of motion …

Which of the following would likely form a heterogeneous mixture

The formation of the solution from the addition of the two solutes in any proportion is called a mixture. The mixture of sand and water …

A swimming pool is 12 meters long 6 meters wide

252.multiply them all together for the volume :)

Why is diffusion such an efficient process for all cells

Diffusion is such an efficient process for all cells because it does not require energy. Thus, the correct option is A. What is Diffusion?Diffusion may …

Find the orthogonal complement of the column space of .

Answer: hello your question is poorly written hence I will provide the required matrix answer :A = Step-by-step explanation:Given that the basis of the orthogonal …

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All compounds are molecules but not all molecules are compounds

All compounds are molecules because a molecule is 2 or more substances/elements combined and a compound is 2 or more elements combined. But not all …

Which organisms in the chart can produce atp by photosynthesis

Answer:Only algae,Oak tress and Bermuda grass produce ATP by photosynthesis.Explanation:Algae,Oak tress and Bermuda grass consists of chloroplasts which perform photosynthesis.In photosynthesis during light reaction ATP …

Which are produced when hcl reacts with ca oh 2

CaCl2 + H2O are produced when HCl react with Ca(OH)2 Explanationequation for reaction is as follows Ca(OH)2 + 2HCl → CaCl2 +2H2O1 mole of calcium …

A compound event may consist of dependent or independent events

The given statement is True.What is Compound event?A compound event consists of two of more simple events which occur simultaneously or in succession.As, we know …