Plants evolved from green algae approximately _____ million years ago.

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Large mats of green algae lived during the __________ period, more than 550 million years ago .



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Match the following epidermal cell type with its function melanocytes

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The supreme leader of iran heads what type of government

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Why did federalists argue for a separation of powers brainly

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The three fifths compromise did all of the following except

The Slave Trade-Export Compromise stated that slave trade could continue without interference from Congress for 20 years, not 30. This Compromise effectively protected slave owners …

About how deep into the desert does the delta extend

About how deep into the desert does the delta extend? 160km

A reduction in the amount of jobs goods and money

1. Boycott. 2. Confiscate.3. Depression.4. Embargo.5. Immigrant. 6. Manifest destiny. 7. Nullification. 8. Polarize.9. Secede.10. Sectionalism. 11. Tariff.

Why do you make 7 jumps on the number line

The product of 7 and 0.2 can be determined by moving 0.2 units rightward each time 0.2 is added;We obtain the product of 7 and …

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glucose is broken apart then the energy..... This is correct I used A and got it right..hope this helped

3 units high 3 units wide and 2 units deep

Answer:volume of the box is 18 cubic units.Step-by-step explanation:A box that measures 3 units high, 3 units wide, and 2 units deephieght of the box= …

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