The right to due process means that the government apex

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The right to due process means that the government (Apex)


Answering the question, the right to due process means that the government has to follow the law in its treatment of citizens.

The amendment to the US constitution, particularly the Fifth and fourteen amendments addressed the issues of Due process. Both amendments contain the Due process clause. Due process has to do with the administration of justice; it describes the legal duties of all states.

Further Explanation

The due process clause refers to a constitutional guarantee that prohibits the government from abusing the citizens. The due process contains the procedural rules that the courts must maintain when protecting the right of the people.

The fifth and fourteen amendments to the constitution ensured that no citizens or persons shall be deprived of the rights to liberty, property, life by the government without following the due process of law.

The due process refers to the legal requirement that all levels of government must respect all the rights that the constitution accord to a person.  This implies that Due process protects the rights of all individuals, and if the government harms any person by not following what the law stipulates, then that would amount to a violation of the due process, which is against the rule of law.

Thus, the right to due process means that the government has to follow the law in its treatment of citizens.



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