An author may use dialogue to provide the reader with

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An author may use dialogue to provide the reader with _____.
indirect characterization



The author uses dialogue to provide the reader with indirect characterization.


The indirect characterization is used as a tool to describe a character through the dialogues used by the characters. This characterization is also given with the actions, looks, and thoughts of the character.

Indirect characterization is a very powerful tool as the reader will picture the character by themselves with the clues given by the author. The author not only talks about a character in this characterization, the author pictures the character with words. This characterization provokes the imagination of the reader where they are not only satisfied by their reading but also create by reading.

For example:

  • Dialogue: “Holy Cricket, you're HarryPotter. I'm Hermione Granger...and you are...?” – Hermione Granger, from the book Harry potter and philosopher’s stone. This dialogue tells that the boy named “Harry potter” is known by all.
  • Action: “Blowing smoke in others face” tells the reader that the described person is rude.
  • Description: The description of the people and the place in the book “Divergent” tells the reader that the story is taking place in a dystopia.

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