Which is an example of a positive incentive for consumers

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What is an example of a positive incentive for consumers


An example of a positive incentive is the dinner reservation in a restaurant for purchasing the membership of the club.

Further Explanation:

Positive incentive:

The positive incentives refer to the benefits given to the consumer. The benefits help in influencing the buying behavior of the consumer. The incentives are given to promote the sales of a particular product by providing additional benefits along with the product. When the companies want to promote their product or compete with the opponents, then they provide additional benefits to the consumer that is known as the positive incentive.

Example of positive incentive:

The dinner reservation of 2 people in a 5-star restaurant on purchasing the membership of a club is an example of a positive incentive where the club is providing a reservation to force the individuals to become the members of the group.

Thus, the example of a positive incentive is the dinner reservation in a restaurant for purchasing the membership of the club.

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