Law enforcement _________ his property after they discovered new evidence.

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Law enforcement _________ his property after they discovered new evidence.

A. ceased
B. seized
C. seasoned





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The flow of electrons through the components of the electron transport chain occurs in order of increasing reduction potential.Electronic transport chain is the set of …

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France and Great Britain declared war on Germany on 3rd September 1939, after Germany invaded Poland. France shortly before the aggression promised Poland that it …

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The allusion in the passage clearly shows that Earnest is wealthy. Allusions refer to person, place, idea or things explicitly. In detail, description is not …

A term for metalloids that conduct electricity at high temperatures

Metalloids that can conduct electricity at higher temperatures are called semiconductors. Silicon is an example of a semiconductor.Hope that helps

How much sq ft does one gallon of paint cover

Answer:675 square feet Step-by-step explanation:It is given that 1 gallon of paint covers about 450 square feet.To calculate how many square feet will 1.5 gallon …

Which elements are most likely to form a covalent bond

The element that is most likely to form covalent bonds with carbon (C) isSelenium (Se)Explanation Covalent bond is formed when there is sharing of electrons …

Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass quote

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Distance and time, distance because that's how far and time because that's how long

Find the slope from the pair of points answer key

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Lopez corporation incurred the following costs while manufacturing its product

Answer: Cost of goods manufactured = $3,67,800Cost of goods sold = $3,91,600 Explanation:Manufacturing overhead = Depreciation on plant + Factory supplies used + Property tax …

A single point on a distance time graph tells the

Answer:A single point on a distance time graph tells the VELOCITY speed.