This process describes the interaction between the __________ and __________.

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Which best describes the interaction between dna and rna during protein synthesis? a rna carries the code to the nucleus where dna translates the code into a protein. b dna travels to the ribosome where rna translates the code into a protein. c rna carries the code from dna in the nucleus to the ribosome for protein synthesis. d dna travels to the cytoplasm while rna remains in the nucleus?


C) RNA carries the code from DNA in the nucleus to the ribosome for protein synthesis.

The ribosomes are in the cytosol/cytoplasm, but DNA is in the nucleus. DNA is too large to travel out of the nucleus, so it needs the help of mRNA to transfer the genetic code to the ribosome, which translates the code into a protein. That means A, B, and D cannot be true. 

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