What was the outcome of the battle of el alamein

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What was the outcome of the Battle of El Alamein?

American forces drove German troops out of Egypt.
Operation Torch became a victory for the Allies.
British forces defeated the Afrika Korps.
Axis forces retreated to Tunisia.
Which of the following was an important challenge of fighting a two-front war for the Allies?
preventing the spread of a two-front war to North America
identifying generals to lead in both theaters of the war
supplying the troops across a huge part of the globe
limiting the ability of Germany and Japan to combine forces
During World War II, which pair were Allied nations?
France and Morocco
Germany and Italy
Great Britain and the Soviet Union
Great Britain and Morocco
Who was the leader of an Allied nation during the war in Europe?
Adolf Hitler
George Patton
Benito Mussolini
Joseph Stalin


1. British forces defeated the Afrika Korps.
2. supplying the troops across a huge part of the globe
Great Britain and the Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin
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