Indicate the point where a monopoly will set its price.

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Indicate the point where a monopoly will set its price.



A monopoly will set its price at the point where marginal cost and marginal revenue intersects or meet (MC = MR).


A monopoly is a market structure which is typically characterized by a single-seller who sells a unique product in the market by dominance. Thus, it is a market structure wherein the seller has no competitor because he is solely responsible for the sale of unique products without close substitutes. Any individual that deals with the sales of unique products in a monopolistic market is generally referred to as a monopolist.

For example, a public power company that serves as the only power utility (electricity) provider to the public.

Generally, a monopoly will set its price at the point where marginal cost and marginal revenue intersects or meet (MC = MR). This is simply because a monopoly would derive the maximum profit at the point where MC = MR.

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