A book weighing 20 newtons slides at a constant velocity

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A block weighing 10 newtons is on a ramp inclined at 30° to the horizontal. A 3-newton force of friction acts on the

block as it is pulled up the ramp at a constant velocity. The force applied to pull the box up the ramp acts parallel to the
incline. Draw the FBD for this problem and determine the magnitude of the force applied.


The force applied to pull the box up the ramp acts parallel to the incline is 8N

The force applied to pull the box is expressed as:

F_N = F_m + F_f

Fm is the moving force

Ff is the force of friction

Get the moving force and frictional fice

F_m = 10sin30^0 = 5N\\F_f = 3N

The force applied to pull the box up the ramp acts parallel to the incline = 5N + 3N  = 8N

Hence the force applied to pull the box up the ramp acts parallel to the incline is 8N

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