The counter reformation was a religious and political movement that

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The Counter-Reformation was a religious and political movement that...

A. worked to spread the ideas and teachings of John Calvin across Europe.
B. worked to spread the ideas and teachings of Martin Luther across Europe.
C. involved the creation of new practices and policies in the Catholic Church.
D. involved the creation of new practices and policies in the Protestant Church.


The Counter-Reformation involved the creation of new practices and policies in the Catholic Church as it was a religious movement that was politically motivated.  

Further Explanation:-

The Counter-Reformation which is also known as Catholic Reformation and known as the period when Catholic Resurgence took place and it started in the response of Protestant Reformation and towards internal revival. It initiated during the period of the council of Trent and ended with European wars of Religion. New religious groups and orders were founded to affect religious renewal and the development of Mystical Tradition was influenced by it. Political activities such as Spanish Inquisition were also involved in this. Primarily counter-Reformation emphasized reaching the parts of the world which were colonized.

Power, as well as material wealth, was on focus to be preserved and it was enjoyed by the Catholic Church and material challenge to reformation was also presented under it. The last of counter-reformations included efforts made by imperial diets of the Holy Roman Empire along with founding new religious orders and these policies had a long-lasting effect on European History. The counter-reformation was a religious and political movement that involved the creation of new policies and practices in the Catholic Church.    

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