How do you say i love you mom in spanish

Posted By Admin @ September 03, 2022




 I love you mom in spanish is... te amo mamá. :D

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A family spends 1/10 of its annual income for housing

Add all the fractions together:to do this find the lcd:which is 601/10 = 6/601/4= 15/601/5= 12/602/15= 8/60add them together(6+15+12+8)/6041/60 or C is the answer

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A fatty acid that contains a chain of 10 carbons

Answer:The answer is AExplanation:The answer is A because the fatty acid is 10 carbon-chain long which falls within the range of a medium-chain fatty acid …

Legal and ethical consequences for improper documentation in medical records

Hi! :)Failure to properly document medical records can result in fines and loss of license. Failure todocument medical records accurately will affect the physician because …

True or false an equiangular triangle can never be scalene

The given statement "An equiangular triangle can never be scalene." is true.What is an equiangular triangle?An equiangular triangle is a triangle that has three equal …

An ellipsoidal reflector spotlight can be used with a gobo

Answer: TrueExplanation:The primary function of ERS is to light up specific proximity and they are used for spotlights. They can form a small sharp circle …

Label the correct parts of the dna molecule during transcription

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A muscle that flexes and adducts the wrist is the

Answer:Flexor capro ulnarisExplanation:Muscle that extends and adducts the hand at wrist is called Flexor capro ulnaris. This muscle is innervated by the ulnar nerves. It …

The first black musician to host on television show was

Answer:The answer is B.Explanation:

What is the setting of the story young goodman brown

The first setting is the Salem village. The story begins at dusk in Salem Village, Massachusetts as young Goodman Brown leaves Faith, his wife of …

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1.13 unit test: entering the modern era - part 1

Answer:PART A:The correct answer is: They have fueled in him great animosity toward white people.PART B:The correct answer is: Parallelism contrasts the dishonorable behavior of …