Explain the roles of mrna and trna in protein synthesis

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Explain the roles of mrna and trna in protein synthesis.


The roles of mRNA and tRNA in protein synthesis is as follows:

  1. The principal task of mRNA is to hold the code of DNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm in which it may be utilized in protein synthesis in eukaryotes, like the ones which can be located in human cells.
  2. The usual position of tRNA in protein synthesis is to decode a particular codon of mRNA, the usage of its anticodon, for you to switch a particular amino acid to the stop of a series withinside the ribosome.

What is protein synthesis ?

Protein synthesis is the manner of making protein molecules. In organic systems, it entails amino acid synthesis, transcription, translation, and post-translational events.

Thus it is clear that the roles of mRNA and tRNA in protein synthesis are given below.

To learn more about the mRNA refer to link :


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