When will the improve section of a module be accessible

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When will the improve section of a module be accessible


The accessibility of the improvement section of a module will be accessible when the individual completes the content assessment.

Content assessments simply refer to graded assessments. A content assessment typically has ten assessment questions that are randomly selected from a larger set of questions.

It's essential for teachers to approve the request of a student to take a content assessment. It should be noted that the improvement section of a module can only be accessed when the content assessment has been taken.

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The goal of market research by entrepreneurs is for them to make better decisions. The answer to this question is option c.Market research can be …

Which of the following statements about radioactive isotopes is true

C) Isotopes always have the same number of protons

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They introduced the corvus (claw) which was a drawbridge with a heavy claw

What types of proteins are synthesized by the rough er

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Which part of an angiosperm is sticky and collects pollen

The stigma is sticky and collects pollen.Hope that helped you.

Dominican soldiers could tell the nationality of a haitian by

Dominican soldiers would hold up a sprig of parsley and ask them what it is and depending on how they pronounced the spanish word for …

Police pulling drivers over and giving prizes for buckling up

Answer: Police pulling drivers over and giving prizes for buckling up (PR) Suspending a basketball player for committing a flagrant foul (PUN) A child snaps …

The first step in making an ethical decision is to:

Answer:(C) consulting the laws of both the host and the home countriesExplanation:Taking an ethical decision is to evaluate and choose an alternative that is consistent …

From this lesson who spoke out against the vietnam war

I got this right it’s MLK jr, college students, and Vietnam veterans

How far apart are the bases in softball in feet

So assuming that the field is a perfect square then if you mean when you walk from home to 1st to 2nd then 60+60=120if you …

Which geographic feature limited the expansion of west african civilization

The geographic feature that limited the expansion of West African civilization is the Sahara Desert. This element was difficult to reach and across, thus limited …

According to the ucr which of these statements is true

The rate of violent crime is increasing.Uniform Crime Reports also known as UCR Program, controlled by the FBI, began in 1929 and accumulates information on …

How did the english bill of rights influence us government

The English bill of rights influenced the US government by It provided a list of rights that applied to all citizens.It limited the power of …

According to the fourth amendment what cant the police do

The correct answer is: D. Search laptops and cell phones without a warrant. The fourth amendment protects the right to privacy and the right not …

Which process is expected to have an increase in entropy

The study of chemical bonds is called chemistry. There are two types of solutions and these are the acidic and basic solutions.The correct answer to …