Your boat capsizes and floats away what should you do

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Your boat capsizes and floats away. What should you do?.



don't panic stay calm

if your are wearing a life jacket or  PFD, make sure that it is securely fastened, remain calm, and wait for help.

Swimming to shore should be considered only as a last resort.


that's all

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Which structure is responsible for bringing in the amino acids

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The battle of saratoga did not allow the british to

Answer;A. cut off New England from the rest of the coloniesThe Battle of Saratoga did not allow the British to the cut off New England …

Find the point on the sphere closest to the point

The center of the sphere of radius 3 is (0, 4, 8).a) The point nearest the plane z=0, will be (0, 4, 5), one radius …

Given that mnop is a rectangle find x and y

So than this is a rectangle than 2x-10=90 so 2x = 100 so x = 50 and for y you can writing 3y +9 =90 …

Facts and figures related to a problem are known as

Answer:B. facts and figures related to the problem that are divided into two main parts: secondary data and primary dataExplanation:Data is referred to as facts …

A research question must be all of the following except

Answer:C. broadExplanation:You do need a research question that you can manage, otherwise you research is going to go out o hand. If it needs to …

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

10 is the numeral number

Which two factors influence macbeth's decision to kill king duncan

Answer:The two factors which influenced Macbeth's decision to kill King Duncan are: Duncan’s decision to name Malcolm as his successor the witches’ prophecy about Macbeth's …

The national woman's party was formed in 1916 to support

Answer:National Woman Party is referred to as an United States women's political organization which was formulated in the year 1916 in order to fight and …

Standard deviation measures _____ risk while beta measures _____ risk.

Answer:Standard deviation measures Total risk while beta measures Systematic risk.Step-by-step explanation:The total risk is the total variability of the portfolio and includes the systematic risk …

The mass number is used to calculate the number of

Answer:NeutronExplanation:Neutron is calculated by Mass Number -Number of protons.Lets see an example Take Magnesium (Z=12)Mass no=25

Match each label with the correct structure in the figure.

Hope this helps :D (I know a few are missing sry <3)