Which three topics became a major focus of the enlightenment

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Which three topics became a major focus of the Enlightenment?

A = astronomy, mathematics, physics
B = classicism, humanism, realism
C = authority, rights, responsibility
D = faith, religion, spirituality


The three topics that became a major focus of the Enlightenment are stated in Option (C) authority, rights, and accountability is the correct answer.

What is the three focus of Enlightenment?

The following three subjects became primary focuses of the Enlightenment:

  • Authority
  • Rights
  • Responsibility

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Enlightenment was a period in history when thinkers and philosophers proposed novel ideas about freedom, rights, politics, and science.

They utilized logic and reason to present a worldview that was diametrically opposed to the Church's.

Philosophers are influenced by many revolutionary movements in the years that followed. Such as,

  • John Locke
  • Thomas Hobbes
  • Montesquiou
  • Jean-Jacques Rosseau

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