What is the difference between actual texture and implied texture

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explain the difference between actual texture and implied texture. in art,where is actual texture most often found and where is implied texture found


The texture on things, which is exactly the way it appears to be, is actual texture, whereas, the texture on things which is made to look like different or something else from its actual texture is known as implied texture.

What is the significance between actual and implied texture?

An actual texture can be defined as a texture of things or elements, the surface of which appears to be exactly the way it is felt upon touching it. An actual texture of a surface seems more realistic than other surfaces.

On the other hand, implied texture is the texture of surfaces, which looks completely different from how one actually feels upon touching or feeling it. For example, brick painting on walls is an example of an implied texture.

Hence, the significance of the difference between an actual texture and an implied texture has been aforementioned.

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