What is the percent of water in the human body

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The human body is 72 percent water in average. About how much water will be in a person that weighs 138 pounds?


Simply get the value of 72 percent out of 138 pounds.

138 * 72% = 9926 / 100% = 99.36 lbs

We need to divide the answer by 100% if 72% is not converted into decimal to ensure that we get the exact value in pounds.


138 * 72%/100%  = 138  *  0.72  = 99.36 lbs

If in the event that 99.36 lbs and 72% is given, we can find the weight of the person by dividing the value by its corresponding percentage.

99.36lbs  / (72%/100%) = 99.36 / 0.72 = 138 lbs

If both values are given and percentage is missing, then divide the part by the whole to get the percentage.

99.36 lbs / 138 lbs = 0.72  * 100 % = 72%

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