A mode of ________________ from the source to the host

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A mode of ________________ from the source to the host


In epidemiology, transmission refers to the mechanism by which a pathogen enters the host. A pathogen is a harmful microorganism (e.g., bacteria, viruses) capable of causing illness to a susceptible host.

  • In this case, the missing word indicates 'A mode of TRANSMISSION from the source to the host'.

The different types of transmission include:

  • Direct contact transmission (e.g.,  touching, kissing), which triggers the transference of the pathogen to a susceptible host.

  • Aerosol transmission (airborne transmission): characterized by the inhalation of small particles (aerosol droplets) exhaled by an infected host.

  • Zoonotic transmission: the reservoir is an infected animal.

  • Oral transmission: infections caused by direct ingestion of the pathogen.

  • Vector-borne transmission: infections transmitted by different animals (i.e., vectors) such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, etc.

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