How many calories should a teenage girl eat a day

Posted By Admin @ September 03, 2022


How many calories should average teenage girls and teenage boys, respectively, consume each day to maintain their health?

a. 1800 and 2800
b. 2000 and 2400
c. 2400 and 3000
d. 2600 and 3200


The correct answer is option (A).

Calorie requirements vary based on age, sex, height, and degree of activity. Teenage years are often the time of life when calorie needs are highest. Teenage boys should consume about 2800 calories per day and teenage girls should consume about 1800 calories every day during this time of rapid expansion.

How many calories should teenagers eat ?

The calorie count an adolescent needs per day depends heavily on his size and degree of activities. To help you and your kid have a clear understanding of how many calories he should consume daily, there are general recommendations available. You can determine your teen's precise calorie needs by using an online calorie counter.

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