A benign and a malignant tumor differ in that _____.

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A benign tumor differs from a malignant tumor in that a benign tumor


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A benign tumor is a noncancerous group of cells that does not spread any harmful substances to the impacted area nor anything at all. It is safe compared to Malignant tumors and typically cause no harm to the body.

Benign tumor:

Although it is noncancerous, if it is applying pressure to any vitals such as the blood vessels or nerves, it causes an obstruction. Thus ending up having to require treatment occasionally but not in all cases. It is considered a "good" tumor since it does not cause any pain or any problems when it doesn't apply pressure.

Malignant Tumor:

A Malignant Tumor is known as cancerous, or just cancer. These can be spread around the affected area of tissue or throughout the body. It is uncontrollably spread and disease ridden tumor that destroy the body tissue of the person. If this moves into the bloodstream, it can lead up to spreading within the lymph nodes, causing even more damage.

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