Which of the following is a sign of stimulant abuse

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Which of the following is a sign of stimulant abuse?

A. Intense calm
B. Memory problems
C. Aggression
D. All of the above


The illegal and harmful use of substances that are used to increase brain activity and stimulate actions are called stimulant abuse. The use of stimulants causes immense happiness and a feeling of well being.

The following is the sign of stimulant abuse:

Option C. Aggression

The signs of stimulant abuse can be explained as:

  • The life-threatening substances can cause a lot of aggression and agitation to the person consuming them.

  • The substance results in irregular heart rate, high blood pressure and body temperature. The person also feels less hungry and the sleep cycle is also disturbed.

  • The drugs does not cause calmness instead it causes hyperactivity and aggressive behaviours.

Therefore, aggression is a sign of stimulant abuse.

To learn more about stimulant abuse follow the link:


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