An agreement reached by the council of trent was that

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An agreement reached by the Council of Trent was that

A)the Bible should be accessible to everyone.
B)salvation could only be achieved through faith.
C)most Catholic traditions needed to be reformed.
D)seminaries should be established to train priests.


Answer: D) seminaries should be established to train priests.

The Council of Trent was held between 1545 and 1563 in northern Italy. Prompted by the Protestant Reformation, it redefined many doctrines and practices in the Catholic Church. The Council defined what constituted heresies, and issued key clarifications on teachings such as scripture, salvation, the original sin and the veneration of saints. The Council also established seminaries to train priests. It also led to the issuing of the Roman Catechism and revisions of the Breviary and Missal.

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