The second step in the repetition strategy is to_____________the information.

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The second step in the repetition strategy is to_____________the information.

Both of these
None of these


The answer is None of the above

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What is the relationship between independent agencies and partisan politics

The relationship is that most independent agencies have a statutory requirement, their member have to be bipartisan (members of different political parties). In this way …

The temperature of the wash water in a three-compartment sink

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A technician suspects that an app on a tablet device

Answer:The workstation has been configured with a static IP address. Explanation:A computer network connects two or more computers together. It provides this interconnection between them …

After slavery ended in the caribbean many immigrants arrived from

The answer for this would be ASIA. It was in Asia that the immigrants decided to go when slavery was ended in the Caribbean. The …

What precautions should be taken to make a computer secure

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Past emergencies have revealed the need for a coordinated response

Answer:Department of DefenseExplanation:The Department of defence have a mission which is primarily to provide military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of …

Who plays the voice of woody in toy story 2

Answer: Tom HanksExplanation:

How much of the air is made up of nitrogen

The right answer is the option B. Close to 99 percent. The atmosphere is a mixture of gases: nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, H2O, argon, among others. …

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