A cell that protects the body by eating invading cells

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A cell that protects the body by eating invading cells is known as


A kind of cell that protects the body by eating invading cells is called phagocytes. This process is called phagocytosis.

What are phagocytes?

The phagocytes are the kind of cells that can digest the foreign cells and result in their removal. They can even ingest and digest other foreign invading material in the body.

The phagocytes extend their cell body to form extensions called pseudopods. These engulf the foreign agent inside the vesicle called a vacuole. Various degrading enzymes are present inside the vacuole which breakdown the foreign agent and the digested material is then removed from the cell.

In our bloodstream, neutrophils and monocytes are examples of phagocytes.

  • Neutrophils are smaller granular cells that ingest bacteria at the site of injury or wound.
  • Monocytes are the larger cells with a bean-shaped nucleus. They arrive at the site of infection 3 days later and act as scavenger for the bacteria.

Therefore, the cells that protect the body by eating invading cells are called phagocytes.

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