Which process of genetic recombination involves genes from both parents

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Which process of genetic recombination involves genes from both parents?

- crossing over
- independent assortment
- fertilization
- tetrad formation


Fertilization is the process of genetic recombination, which comprise genes from both parents.  

• The process of recombining genes to generate new gene combinations, which varies from those of either parent is known as genetic recombination.  

• It produces genetic variation in the species, which reproduce sexually.  

• The phenomenon takes place when the separation of genes takes place at the time of the formation of gamete in meiosis, the random combination of genes during fertilization, and the transfer of genes, which occurs between the chromosomes pairs in the process called crossing over.  

• The combination of the two haploid gametes, that is, the oocyte and the spermatozoa from the mother and the father and giving rise to a diploid zygote is termed as fertilization.  

Thus, it is the process of fertilization, which comprises recombination of genes from both the parents.

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