How did the platt amendment change the earlier teller amendment

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How did the platt amendment change the earlier teller amendment?


Answer: The Platt amendment defined the conditions for the withdrawal of American troops as agreed upon in the Teller amendment.

Explanation: In April 1898 McKinley sent a message to Congress urging armed intervention to free the Cubans which was favorably received by Congress and resulted with a declaration of war. This gave rise to the Teller Amendment which declared that when the United States had overthrown Spanish rule of Cuba it would give the Cubans their freedom and the United States withdrew from Cuba in 1902 as promised.

The Platt amendment was a 1901 amendment that replaced the earlier Teller amendment and this defined the conditions for the withdrawal of American troops from Cuba at the end of the war. This second amendment insured United States continued involvement in the affairs of Cuba. It also gave legal backing to US claims to certain territories on the island including the famous Guantánamo Bay Naval base.

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