In order to prevent pest infestations it is important to

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In order to clean effectively and prevent pest infestations, how should you store dry goods

On top of storage lockers so they are too high for rodents to reach
With at least 6 inches clearance above the floor
• In sealed boxes in direct contact with the floor
. In sealed, clear containers that allow you to see if there is pest activity


Storing dry goods In sealed, clear containers will allow you to see if

there is pest activity and prevent pest infestations.

What are Pests?

Pests are referred to organisms which damage crops and make homes

inhabitable as a result of their various activities.

Storing dry goods in a sealed container wil prevent pests from invading the

container. The clarity of the container will also allow individuals to monitor

any pest activity which may be present in the goods before storage.

Read more about Pests here

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