Explain how calisthenics can include both isometric and isotonic exercises.

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Explain how calisthenics can include both isometric and isotonic exercises.



When you push your body upwards or change your body's position in calisthenics you are doing isotonic exercises. On the other hand, When you are holding a pose in calisthenics, you are doing isometric exercises.


In Isometric exercises, the muscles contract, but they keep their tension and the length of the muscles is hardly affected. when you are holding a pose in calisthenics, you are doing an isometric exercise. In other words, there is no movement of the body, but there is a contraction of muscles to maintain the pose.

Isotonic exercises produce the contraction of a muscle when this is used to lift something, as a result, the muscle becomes shorter during contraction. In calisthenics, an isotonic exercise would be lifting your body weight to do a pose.

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