How long does it take for monistat 3 to dissolve

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How long does the monistat 1 ovule take to dissolve


Monistat 1 takes almost three to four days to dissolve completely.  

Further explanation  

Monistat 1

It is used by women for the treatment of yeast infection in vagina. This treatment can be used by women day or night so it is very useful treatment for most women who have busy lifestyle and for those women who can never wait for bedtime to treat the yeast infection. Because it keeps in place and its one-day treatment. Tioconazole ointment which is 6.5% is available.  

How Monistat works?

It works exactly at the place of infection. It is very convenient treatment for yeast infections. It is easily available in most of the medical drug stores.  Its treatment varies from person to person. In some it is used for three days and after three days they feel relief while in others its treatment can be of seven days but if after seven days there is no relief then such women should consult their physicians.  

Sensitivity towards Monistat

Some women are also sensitive to the ingredients used in the medicine or due to its high dose. They may suffer from burning, swelling, redness, irritation and itching. Some women face problems so in all such conditions they should consult their doctors.  

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