Which payment option can offer additional security like fraud protection

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Which payment option can offer additional security like fraud protection? a. cash check b. debit card c. credit card


A credit card can offer additional security like fraud protection.

The answer is option C.

Credit cards provide higher consumer protections against fraud in comparison with debit playing cards related to a bank account. newer debit cards provide more credit score card-like protection, at the same time as many credit score playing cards no longer fee annual costs.

Debit cards can help you draw a budget directly out of your checking account. Debit cards generally offer more fraud protection than credit playing cards. Debit playing cards never require a signature to finalize a buy like credit score playing cards. Debit playing cards price higher hobby quotes on purchases than credit cards.

If a person used your debit card without your information or authorization, your liability is blanketed by way of the electronic finances Transfer Act, which gives you the right to assign fraudulent transactions.

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