What was ironic about the 1804 crowning of napolean bonaparte

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What was ironic about the 1804 crowning of Napolean Bonaparte?

Napolean was crowned by Empress Josephine.
Napolean was interrupted by a coup d’etat.
Napolean was not present to be crowned.
Napolean crowned himself emperor.


The Crowning of Napolean Bonaparte in 1804 is ironic because Napolean crowned himself as emperor.

Napoleon Bonaparte is the first emperor of France and was regarded as one greatest military leaders of the country.

Napoleon was regarded as a military genius because he won many battles for France which facilitate the expansion of the country.

Despite that Napolean was a military general, he crowned himself as emperor and alleged that he won't be controlled by the Roman nor would he submit to any power other than himself.

Therefore, in conclusion, Option D is correct because the Crowning in 1804 is ironic because he crowned himself as emperor.

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