A mí lo que me prende es tocar el piano.

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Question 1 with 1 blank

"A mí lo que me prende es 1 of 1 el piano".
Question 2 with 1 blank
"La 1 of 1 desde que estaba en el vientre de mi mamá".
Question 3 with 1 blank
"Yo empecé a los 1 of 1 años a tocar el piano..."
Question 4 with 1 blank
"Y entonces yo le pregunté a ella si deseaba estudiar algún 1 of 1".
Question 5 with 1 blank
"Yo creo que es de los instrumentos más, más 1 of 1".
Question 6 with 1 blank
"Es imponente tener que 1 of 1 frente a un instrumento tan grande".


The correct words to fill the sentences, taking into account the sense of it, is: "tocar, hice, seis, instrumento, hemosos, sentarse."

How to identify the Correct Word?

To select the correct word in each case, the context of the sentence and the meaning of the word to be used must be followed, in such a way that once the word is incorporated into said sentence, its general context does not change but on the contrary, it looks better described or complemented.

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